Fundraising isn't just about raising money it's a powerful way of spreading a message to a wide number of people aware of our activities. Some ideas you can put into practice are listed below

Obstacle course
Layout a series of fun challenges that everyone can participate in, such as tyre jumping, dodging water balloons, three legged and spoon races and so on. Have a prize for the winner and charge people for participation. Don’t forget to include refreshments which you can sell to the well wishers and spectators.

Karaoke contest
To make it fun arrange participants in groups that include “wailers” as well as people who can genuinely sing and get them to challenge each other. In fact if you can get together a big group of good singers why not just go all out for a “Battle of the Bands”?

Selfie run
Choose a route and runners have to take selfies at specific places along the way. The pictures will be posted on social media and will be a great way to generate extra donations.

5-a side
Football is so ingrained in daily life, it brings together a large group of people in the community. It takes a bit of work; obviously the venue needs to be sorted, a trophy for the winners and the runners up, and volunteers to officiate the matches. When it all comes together it can be a fulfilling day.

Bake out
The good thing about cooking is that people of all ages can get involved (even if all they want to do is eat rather than cook!). Its a great way to get people together and raise funds with sponsorship and sales.

Bingo night
What was once the preserve of the elderly is now a really popular pass time. Get some local entrepreneurs to chip in with sponsorship and let the fun begin.

Please let us know about your fundraising event by using the contact form here.

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