Mikey had an amazing experience at the Yiannimize supercar garage. We would like to thank Yianni for showing Mikey around the amazing location and he loved experiencing the sounds of the cars he was lucky to sit in.  Thank you for taking the time out for him, and for raising awareness of his eye condition Rod Cone Dystrophy. The custom wrap on his cane was a lovely surprise!

“I’ve always loved sports cars and the sound of engines. Great experience meeting @y14nny at @yiannimize, a fellow Cypriot and gunner! Taking me around the garage, explaining the cars, the work being done and letting me play around with them. Hopefully I get to drive for real one day. Even better that @aubameyang97 takes his cars there! Thank you for the amazing experience and for helping raise awareness for my eye condition in hope of a cure one day.”

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