Mikey Poulli is defying the odds by playing the game he loves despite losing his sight aged just seven.

Keen footballer Mikey always dreamed of playing the sport professionally in the future but a routine check-up looked like it might put an end to his ambitions.

A routine eye test discovered he has rod cone distrophy.

Doctors originally estimated it would take between 10 and 20 years for him to lose his sight but it unfortunately took just 18 months for him to go completely blind.

Determined to carry on playing, Mikey kept training and playing with his junior team, Amonia, until it became too dangerous for him and the other players.

His parents then took him to Tottenham’s Centre of Excellence where he joined the visually impaired team.

Despite being the team’s only completely blind player he was seen as being their standout footballer.

Mikey’s talents were spotted by England blind squad coach Oliver Moncksfield, who contacted the Football Association and enrolled him on the Development Pathway.

The eight-year-old trains once a week with Oliver and plays once a month alongside four other visually impaired children in Brighton.

Former professionals Tim Cahill and Jermaine Jenas have been impressed by Mikey’s skills on Twitter.

Source itv.com

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