Touching moment: Blind football fan, 9, feels Arsenal striker Lacazette’s face as he meets his hero and then hails him a ‘gentleman’

  • Nine-year-old Mikey Poulli met Lacazette at Emirates Stadium earlier this month
  • Footage shows him joyfully tenderly feeling his face and beard while grinning
  • Mikey’s family posted the footage to Twitter with the caption: ‘He was so nice to me and my family, gentleman’

This is the heartwarming moment a blind nine-year-old Arsenal fan met his idol Alexandre Lacazette.

Lacazette let Mikey Poulli touch his face and beard as the pair got to know each other at Emirates Stadium.

Mikey’s family recorded the meeting and posted it to Twitter with the caption: ‘I met one of my favourite players and Arsenal’s player of the season.

‘Class on and off the pitch. He was so nice to me and my family, gentleman.’

Footage shows an awestruck Mikey tenderly reaching up to his hero’s face and gently feeling his chin and beard.

Lacazette has a huge smile plastered on his face during the encounter with one of his biggest fans.

At the beginning of the clip the pair are tenderly holding hands while Mikey reaches to touch his face for the first time.

Dressed in full Arsenal kit, Mikey looks excited as he works his way over his hero’s face and discovers he is wearing a hat.

Mikey, who was born with full sight but lost it aged seven due to a rare eye disease, is a devoted football enthusiast.

He was even scouted by England last year and now trains with them on a regular basis while updating his fans on Twitter.

Mikey uses a specially designed football that has a filling which makes noise when it is kicked so he is able to hear where it is.

He will be eligible to join England’s B1 blind squad when he is 13.

Source Mailonline

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